Feedback Friday

Hey guys! I know this isn’t a Tales story, but that’s actually why I wanted to talk to you all today. I’ve been writing the Tales stories for about four and a half months now (wow, didn’t realize it was so long!) and I’d like to look back on it now.

So, writing these silly little stories has been fun. I still have a handful more written down on scraps of paper, and I’m sure a few more will make themselves known as time goes on. They always seem to.  But lately I’ve been feeling a little burnt out on the whole thing. The stories all sound similar to me now; everything’s the same, just twisted with some new dialogue. And that’s not what I want to be providing to you all reading this.

So what I’m wondering is this: Are you enjoying Hunter’s trevails? Do you have fun reading these? I haven’t gotten a ton of feedback on it, outside of family members and the few of my coworkers who know the blog exists. And while I’m happy they enjoy it, they’re also the ones who already know the stories. My coworkers have lived them with me; my family listens to my tirades in person. They may enjoy how I tell the story, but they already know the punchline.

I’ve never liked being the author who begs for comments or reviews. It always made me feel funny in my fanfiction days putting a “comments feed the writer” note, like I was blackmailing people into telling me they liked my work just so I’d post more. However, the fact remains that without feedback, it’s easy for writers to wilt. Yes, we write for ourselves. Yes, we write because we love to, because we have to, because we need it like we need air. That doesn’t change. I’ll keep writing my stories into the Abyss forever if that’s all I’m ever able to do. But especially for something here, I’d like to know you’re enjoying it.]

“But Rion, if you stop writing Tales, will something new go up on Fridays?” That’s a good question, faceless reader. In the past on my old website, chapters of Quest to Karantiri went up on Fridays. I’m hoping to resurrect that at some point, but I’m not ready to yet. My old inspiration post email chain used to do writing prompts; I could put that back up here. Find a prompt, write a short story, encourage others to do the same. I could have a lot of fun with that. (It’s very reminiscent of the old Flash! Friday contest, and being a tiny spiritual successor to that would be something I can only dream of aspiring to be.) I don’t know. I’m up for suggestions.

Another suggestion could be that the first Friday of every month, I put up a prompt call like I did back in the day on my old website, and then my responses to each call go up on the Fridays following. I struggled to keep up with that before as I didn’t have a good system for writing every day before, but now that Fridays are definite writing days for me, I think it would go off much more smoothly. I’ve always enjoyed those; I don’t know how many of you saw the ones in the past.

I know people pop in and like posts; I get emails telling me that each time I put something up, and that means the world to me. I’m glad y’all are out there, staring at my goofy words. Today I’m asking for just the tiniest bit more: write me a comment. It doesn’t have to be long; it doesn’t have to be in depth. I’m just looking for some feedback on if you like Tales, and if you do, what you like about it. If you don’t, what would you rather see?

So please, take a few seconds and pop into the comment section below and let me know what you think. It truly does mean the world to me.

Thank you all so much. You’re awesome and I love you. ❤


One thought on “Feedback Friday

  1. I have enjoyed reading Hunter’s tales, I like that they’re bite-size & capture the small things of everyday life that often go unnoticed but hold real truth. I’d like to see more, though if you’re needing a break to do something different, that’s good too. Like yourself, I find problems finding time to write every day, so writing prompts,advice, or insight into your process & progress would be interesting.

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