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May 23, 2016

Don’t Trust What You See

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I’ve been thinking about this ever since the actual conversation that spurred this most recent Friday’s Tales from the Café. It was a bit of a throw-away line from me at the time, but it’s stuck with me in the back of my head for probably a few months now.

We don’t see the same thing in the mirror as what the world sees. So maybe that’s why so many people dislike how they look in photographs.



May 20, 2016

Tales from the Café: Man in the Mirror

Time: Saturday, 8:35 pm

It was a quiet night, and a welcome one at that. Friday night had been an absolute nightmare; it had been me, a returning college student, and three new hires working, and I’m fairly certain everyone in a thirty mile radius had decided to come out. So a quiet night shift was all I really wanted. I love busy nights, because it kept me busy and made us good money. But enough was enough.

I was standing at the bar, making a Dark and Stormy for Corey, one of the kitchen crew done with his shift, when James came walking over from the direction of the bathrooms. “Uh oh, this could be bad,” I muttered. Corey laughed.


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