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May 22, 2017

The Trouble With Submissions

So I know I’ve touched on submissions before, and how one gets ideas for them. It’s easy to surf around and say “oh hey, here are nine thousand places looking for stories that sound interesting; LET’S GO!” but it’s less easy to actually write them.

Now here’s my usual problem.




August 28, 2014

It Needs to be How Long?!

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I have an on-going frustration with the length of things. In school, all my papers were longer than I thought they needed to be. (Unless it was a creative writing assignment. Then I distinctly remember raising my hand after being told the minimum page length, and asking “Is there a maximum?”) Everything was too long. Papers were too long, assignments were too long. I hated trying to fill page lengths. I had that problem in college as well; I’d finish papers in too few pages and have to pad it out. (I got pretty good at that, though.)

But now I’m having an opposite problem.


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