Chapter 11 is Live!

Hello and welcome to the Halloween edition of Quest to Karantiri! This isn’t planned in the least (no seriously it’s not) but I think this is a very apt chapter to be posted on Hallowe’en. It’s my favorite holiday, and this chapter begins one of my favorite arcs in the story (and really, the first major one!). So below the cut is the teaser, and a kitty photo!

The two walked out, and Celita waited until they were far enough away from the house that no one would hear before she spoke. “Thank you, High Elder.”

“Nonsense. What I said to Rosalie was entirely true. But – and this is between you and I, Celita child – I am particularly fond of you.” He winked. “Now. What is this question that only I can answer?”

“I want to go to Kalvara, but I want to bring a gift from the kingdom. But I don’t know what to bring. I want it to be special.”

“Mmm. You’re planning on visiting the elves? How very industrious of you.” Lagrath folded his arms. “Let’s see. A gift for the elves…upon visiting their kingdom. You realize, of course, that it is very likely that they will not take well to your presence.”

She nodded. “Relations between humans and elves have been tense since the war. That’s why I want a gift.”

“I do hope you’ve truly thought this through, Celita.” Lagrath’s eyes were solemn.

“I want to go.” She was just as serious. “It’s very important to me, Elder.”

“Well, if you are so sure.”

Yes, this is when we first venture into the land of the elves! 😀

And of course, we must have a kitten picture.

And some days, Z deserves every bit of them...
Our precious black kitten, Zaphod. Be nice to black cat today. They get a bad rap.

Have a happy Hallowe’en, and enjoy the chapter!


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