I am not lost…

January 11, 2016

Curse of the Third Book

(Man, that sounds like an awesome short story or something. Anyway.)

I seem to have a curse laid upon me when it comes to obtaining books. I seem to have brought it upon myself, way back in high school, unknowingly. It began with an author I have come to love dearly, and am glad of having become aware of, but…well, let me tell you the tale.



July 23, 2014

Inspiration Wednesday – Motion pt. 2

So I talked last week about a little thing you can do in order to keep your mood up and get the writing flowing. Dancing is always good for that. It’s low space-needing, and pretty much everyone has either an mp3 player or access to Youtube. (Or some other way of getting music. Not knocking all you vinyl enthusiasts out there.)

But what about when you want something¬†more than just jiving around your room? What about if you’ve been in the same room/office/den for the past six days and you just need to do¬†something, anything else?

Here’s an answer–and it’s not something you’d ever expect to hear me say.


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