Let’s Talk Favorites

One of my most dreaded questions whenever someone finds out that I'm a reader is "so what's your favorite book?" or its brother question, "so who's your favorite author?" I have absolutely no idea how to answer this question, because for most of my life, I've never had an answer. I have someone I could … Continue reading Let’s Talk Favorites


Read My Book, Please

Any time I get a chance to speak to a published author, whether they be traditionally published or not, I always have a tendency to ask the same question. I ask because I still haven't really gotten a good answer, and it's an important one to me. Particularly since it's likely that I'm going to … Continue reading Read My Book, Please

I Hear You, Johanna…

(Don't mind me and my geeky Broadway beginning. I can't help myself.) Maybe it's how long I watched anime and the like, maybe it's my own connection to theatre and voice acting...maybe it's just me. But I run into a problem with I'm writing, particularly when I start creating new characters. I start hearing voices. … Continue reading I Hear You, Johanna…